• Flat face is easy to clean, reducing the inclusion of contamination inside the hydraulic circuit.
• Minimal fluid spillage during disconnection, reducing fluid spillage to the environment.
• Minimal air inclusion during connection, enhancing correct function of the circuit.
• Linear flow reduces internal turbulence and pressure drop maintaining circuit efficently.
• Good resistance to pressure impulses when the couplings are connected.
• Compact slim design.
• Safe and simple to use.

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Fluid: OIL ISO VG46
Temperature: 40 C
Viscosity: 41.4-50.6 mm2/s

Spillage is an indicative value of the fluid loss during disconnection
Test Pressure: 5.0 Bar
Temperature Range: Standart seals NBR (Nitrile): From -20 C to +100 C (-4 F to +212 F) VITONR
Seals: From -15 C to +180 C (+5 F to +356 F)
Tests: The couplings have been tested at max. operating pressure for 100.000 impulses according to ISO 18869:2017